Interview with Jacques “Monzor” Wilken, Reversal HotS Captain


We met up with the captain of the Reversal HotS team Jacques “Monzor” Wilken to find out a little more about what’s happening behind the scenes.


So Jacques, Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into the scene.

Back in the day, I really enjoyed DotA and CSS. That was the best games in the world. I played DotA for 11 years straight (we were 2 years undefeated) that team unfortunately disbanded so DotA 2 came out and I really did not enjoy the valve side of the game much… I decided to checkout some other MOBA games, which brought me to League of Legends, I reached Platinum 4 (as support and jungler) but the game really started to become the same thing over and over again and I lost interest in it. When I discovered that Blizzard were making their own MOBA game, I had to try it out! I joined a EU team which came 2nd at ESL (only losing to Virtus Pro) We played again then lost early vs Team Tomorrow Big (their members mostly played for NaVi, which is now disbanded) So I have decided to rather try locally building a serious team and see where it would lead to. Now standing strong as top 2 in RSA.


MZYou have been a part of the community for some time, what is your outlook on it?

I have seen players quit the game, but always returning. Heroes of the Storm is really great game, it is short, sweet and simple. We try to make the community a better place on a daily basis by creating pickup servers, the best teams in RSA will help the newer players to form teams and become better players.


What do you think of current state of South African eSports, from a competitor point of view.

with CSGO and DotA 2 expanding to R500 000 prize money (which is only a start for our eSports scene) is only starting now in South Africa. We are really far behind in the world. eSports is the next biggest thing but it is growing too slow. We need to focus more on our titles, broadcast more games and build fans over Twitch and YouTube to get a basic income off. Everyone would like to see the biggest teams bashing each other for the prize pool, but at this moment it is still on a growing basis and only the future will tell us where South African eSports will lead. I believe it is a great place to market / invest in!


You also have your own YouTube channel? Tell us a little more about that

Yes you can find me on – it is daily content I release on Heroes of the Storm, whether it is gameplay, tips and tricks, build guides or fun to watch montages.



Where can we expect to see you and your team in action next? 

We will be taking part in all the upcoming events, our team goal is to play ESL and become the first team in South Africa standing on a EU level of skill.


Lastly, your favorite game outside of HotS:

Osu – it is a speed based game – it helps your reflex timers, speed and accuracy. Now it does not sound like a MOBA game needs these things, but I can assure you it does help!


Thanks for your time Jacques.

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