Reversal eSports is expanding


It brings us great pleasure to announce two more additions to the Reversal eSports family. As many of you may have noticed we are expanding quite rapidly and with this growth comes a much greater workflow.

Understanding the importance of an MGO’s image is crucial and needs to have the highest level of attention and management. With that being said the following individuals will play a integral role in maintaining and uplifting Reversal eSports’s image to greater heights.

Without any further a due I am honored to announce the following additions to the Reversal eSports Staff.

Jacques “0pp13” Mulder

Dean “niVoque” Lowe


 Jacques Mulder

Jacques Mulder

From a young age Jacques Mulder has always been passionate about Multimedia and branding. After matriculating Jacques  went on to study brand development and management. In 2013 Jacques obtained his BA in brand management, specializing in Multimedia.

Currently Jacques resides in Johannesburg Gauteng where he has developed and promoted a number of different startup and corporate businesses. Allowing them to take hold of their position in the marketplace.


In his free time Jacques enjoys music production, cinematography and gaming.



Dean Lowe


Dean first started his video editing back in 2008, where he started designing and editing frag videos for an old time favorite in the eSports scene – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (COD4). Dean’s editing has always been focused around the elegance of simplicity.

Since then he has continued to follow his passion working with more relevant games such as League of legends (LoL) and a number of different big titles, allowing him to have a broad spectrum within the video editing field.

In his free time he enjoys gaming and keeping up with the latest and greatest trends in technology.



To end off i would like to extend a warm welcome to these two talented individuals, I have no doubt that they will be a valuable addition to Reversal eSports and trust that they will continue to learn and grow with us.

Kevin McPhail

Chief executive officer

Reversal eSports PTY Ltd.

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