Reversal™ Prepares for rAge!


So as most of you know it is that time of the year again. rAge time, the benchmark of all South African eSports. At Reversal we have been extremely busy ensuring that all preparations are done before the big weekend. There are a few key points we would like to announce and these are as followed.




First off I would like to send out a special thanks to WIRUlink for accommodating us on such short notice ahead of the rAge expo. For those of you who don’t know, WIRUlink is currently our primary sponsor and we are extremely excited to see what the future holds with them.



Another brand that has accommodated us for the rAge expo is Talisman Hire they will be supplying all food and energy drinks for the action packed weekend and we all know how important those energy drinks are. 🙂



We are proud to announce that the following teams have made it into the DGC, so feel free to go and check them out and grab your share of the free goodies that we will be giving away.

Reversal™ CriT (League of Legends)

Reversal™ x5 (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare)

Reversal™ zC (Counter Strike: Global Offensive)

Unfortunately Reversal™ FoJ (Dota2) did not qualify due to a few roster changes and mix-ups however they will be tackling next year even harder and we are confident they will do well in the events to come. Reversal™ FoJ will however be competing at the NGL (Nag gaming League) so feel free so show your support.



Here is a mock-up of what our attire will look like at the rAge expo.

Reversal eSports - Shirt 2015 - FrontReversal eSports Shirt 2015 - Back



Yes we saved this for last so that you guys would read through the whole post.

Reversal eSports will be running a raffle at rage.

Come visit us at the DGC area to collect a raffle hamper with additional free goodies and complete your pamphlet to enter yourself into the raffle for a 1TB external hard drive!

Or, you can simply email your answer and the details to




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